Embersilk Cloth Farming | Best Place to Farm Embersilk Cloth Embersilk Cloth Farming

Do you want to level up your Tailoring or First Aid profession? Or you just want to farm [Embersilk Cloth] for profit? I have found out that I can make a lot of gold selling it in auction house. But the problem is, that Blizzard put very low drop rate for this kind of cloth. Besides the places I’m up to show you, you can consider doing random dungeons. Drop rate there is quite high, but the problem is, you are not alone. You share the drop among four other people.

Anyway, I traveled around new Cataclysm places, with an intention to find the best place for Embersilk Cloth farming.

Embersilk Cloth

Before you even go anywhere, make sure you visit Auction House and buy a [Potion of Treasure Finding]. Or if you are an Alchemist you can make it for yourself. What it does is you get a chance to loot [Tiny Treasure Chest], which contains many materials, such as Embersilk Cloth, Volatiles, and so on.

If you are a Tailor (400+) you also have [Northern Cloth Scavenging], which increases the chance of looting cloth even more.

Twilight Highlands

Twilight Highlands is a perfect place to farm Embersilk Cloth. The mobs you want to kill are: Twilight Ettin, Bloodeye Magelord and Bloodeye Brute. Check the map:

Embersilk Cloth Farming - Twilight Highlands


Tol Barad Peninsula

My best place to farm Embersilk Cloth is Tol Barad, the Restless Front. What you need to kill is Restless Soldier and Restless Infantry. But when you farm here you need to be very careful. Because this is a place with numerous daily quests for both Alliance and Horde. This means other faction can gank you often. Check the map:

Embersilk Cloth Farming - Tol Barad Peninsula


Embersilk Cloth farming and selling it in Auction House may be one of the ways to earn gold in World of Warcraft. IMO, Tycoon Gold Addon is the best in-game addon ever made. Using it I found out all the other MUCH more profitable ways to get tons of gold easily. I warmly recommend it to you if you want to dominate the game without endless grinding.

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