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Do you want to level up your Mining, Engineering or Jewelcrafting? Or you just want to farm [Iron Ore] for profit? I have found out that I can make a lot of gold selling it in auction house. There are quite few good farming spots all around the Azeroth. But these are my best ones.

Iron Ore

For farming Iron Ore you need at least 100 skill points in Mining. You get it from Iron Veins all around the Azeroth. Before you go somewhere make sure you clear your bags, so you have plenty of space. This way you save a lot of time. And of course DON'T FORGET the Mining Pick! :)


Western Plaguelands


There are lots of Iron Veins in this zone. Just follow the path bellow:

Iron Ore Farming - Western Plaguelands



For me the best place to farm Iron Ore is in Feralas. There you can find tons of Iron by following my path:

Iron Ore Farming - Feralas


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