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Do you want to level up your Skinning and Leatherworking? Or you just want to farm [Medium Leather] for profit? I have found out that I can make a lot of gold selling it in auction house. There are quite few good farming spots all around the Azeroth. But I have made a list of the best ones.

Medium Leather

Keep in mind that if you want to skin mobs, you need to loot them first. This means while farming you can get a lot of other thrash loot (of course also worth some gold, so don't throw it away). So make yourself a favor and before you go anywhere, clear your bags!

The Cape of Stranglethorn


There are two places in The Cape of Stranglethorn. One is just north of the Gurubashi Arena, and the next one is the Crystalvein Mine - mobs are outside and inside the cave. The mobs you need to kill/skin are Thrashtail Basilisk and Ironjaw Basilisk. Check the map:

Medium Leather Farming - The Cape of Stranglethorn


Stonetalon Mountains

There are Black Dragon Whelps just south of Farwatcher's Glen. These mobs are very week and they always come in pack of 3. The best way to farm them is to use some AoE. Check the map for the exact location:

Medium Leather Farming - Stonetalon Mountains


Southern Barrens

There is a place just south of Hunter's Hill where you can find a lot of Terrortooth Raptors. This is my best place to farm Medium Leather, because when you kill one mob the new one spawnes. But I must warn you, you can skin also Heavy Leather from them, not always Medium one. Here is the exact location:

Medium Leather Farming - Southern Barrens


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