Runecloth Farming | Best Place to Farm Runecloth Runecloth Farming | Best Place to Farm Runecloth

Do you want to level up your Tailoring or First Aid profession? Or you just want to farm [Runecloth] for profit? You can actually earn quite a lot of gold farming it and selling the stacks in Auction House. Let me show you my favorite places, so you can farm a lot of this cloth in a very little time.


Before you go anywhere you must always clear your bags. This way you can spend more time at specific place without heading back to the vendor. Also keep in mind that while farming you also loot quite a lot of green items, also grays which you can sell to a vendor for some extra gold.

Blasted Lands

First place I spent quite a lot of time killing Drowned Gilnean Merchant and other humanoids around this area is in Blasted Lands. The respawn time is very low, so you can Check the map:

Runecloth Farming - Blasted Lands


Hellfire Ramparts (dungeon)

My best place to farm Runecloth is Hellfire Ramparts dungeon. It is located in the middle of Hellfire Peninsula. It is full of humanoid mobs, dropping Runecloth. What I like it about this dungeon is that when you clear it, you don't need to run all the way back, but you just jump down at the end of the dungeon and you are at the entrance. This means you can save a lot of time. You also get a lot of green and blue items to sell them to vendor or you can disenchant them if you are an Enchanter.  Check the map:

Runecloth Farming - Hellfire Ramparts



Killing Twilight Cultists in Silithus is also a fast way of farming Runecloth. You just run from camp to camp, as I marked on the map below:

Runecloth Farming - Silithus


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